Chevy 350 High Performance


SKU: hi-350

Chevy 350 High Performance Aluminum Cylinder Heads

Intake Runner Volume – 200cc

Combustion Chamber “As Cast”, Chamber Volume 66CC

Valve Seats profiled to accept 2.02″/1.60″ valves

Spark Plug Configuration – Straight

Machined to accept common screw in studs and guide plates; 7/16′ NC base threads

Universal valve cover bolt pattern accepts both standard perimeter and center bolt configurations

Intake Manifold accepts both standard 12 bolt and later 8 bolt vortec intake

Exhaust accepts strandard SBC exhaust headers and manifolds; seven bolt flange

Fitted with alloyed hard seats for extended valve seat life

11/32″ bronze guides with .562″ OD @ spring base

Seal provision uses 11/32″ x .530″ valve seals

Spring base diameter – 1.600″ accepts both small and large OD springs

Flow Data @28″                                                             Flow Data @28″

 4.030″ Bore                                                                                 4.165″ Bore

Flowed using Qualcast Intake Valve #53-1002021                            Flowed using Qualcast Intake Vlave #53-1002021

Flowed using Qualcast Exhaust valve #53-1001601                        Flowed using Qualcast Exhaust valve # 53-10001601

Our new bare casting cylinder head are ready for valve train to be installed. Our fully loaded new casting cylinder heads have all new valves, valve spring, spring retainers and locks. These heads are a great stock replacement for your cracked or damaged heads. They typically have a thicker deck and more material then OEM castings.

When ordering please check year and casting numbers.  Also, compare head and photos to make sure all bolt holes, combustion chamber, intake and exhaust ports are the same. If there are any question please contact Enginomics.